This is one of many posts about how to change regular everyday training to training for birth. 

Let's talk about the biggest body weight move there is....the burpee. The obvious issue...the belly. You don't need a special degree or to be a doctor to figure out falling down and slamming the ground then jumping while pregnant could be an issue. But yet this mom is still killing it at the gym and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. WHY? Because the most important workout of her life is on deck. Her training is now training for birth which means some movements are changed due to pelvic floor health, ease of movement, comfort level, and safety. 

Remember these three things when you are changing movements for moms:

1. Pelvic floor health

2. Staying with the group

3. Preserving the stimulus

The burpee is dynamic, full body, and challenges the heart rate. To mimic this stimulus with a prenatal mom have them do a push up on a box, squat, and then do a step up on the same box. 

Movement breakdown:

Burpee: press off the floor. Training for birth- press off the box

Burpee: jump back on your feet to jump. Training for birth- air squat + step up

If you follow Birthfit you know we keep the jumping to a zilch in the later months of pregnancy to protect the pelvic floor. The squat to step up will get a similiar leg burn in for the mom and keep the hear rate high as well. Check out the video and email in at birthfitaustin@gmail.com if you have any movements you would like to see changed up for a mom. 

Jen Shaw