As a BIRTHFIT Austin birth doula, we understand that our role as a birth doula is one of professional support. We blend mind, body, and soul care so that we may offer a safe space for mom and/or couple throughout the motherhood transition. We view the motherhood transition as conception throughout the initial twelve months postpartum. Our birth doula care is unique in that we provide and/or recommend services throughout this entire continuum. More specifically, a birth doula is a constant presence in the form of educational, emotional, experiential, and hands-on support while representing inspiration, authenticity, courage, and vulnerability. We are fully present so that you may be fully present throughout the motherhood transition.

Our role as a birth doula includes:

  • Non-Judgmental support for the mother and her family throughout the motherhood transition, specifically week 37 throughout the initial six weeks postpartum.

  • Non-medical support and differing any medical or clinical matters to the mother’s health care providers.

  • Cultivation of a safe space leading up to birth and throughout the birth process.

  • Educational and experiential guidance so that the mother and family can make their own informed, intuitively guided choices.

  • Encouragement and meeting the partner where he/she is at so that he/she may participate at the level of comfort.

  • Standing in our own so that we may be an advocate for all of our birth clients.

  • An understanding of birth disparities in our communities and being an advocate for underserved, at-risk clients.

  • Promotion of breastfeeding, a reproductive right, and associated support avenues.

  • Respect of the client’s privacy.

  • Recommendations and support for postpartum nourishment and healing through in-person support and/or local connections.

  • Reflection and processing with the mom after birth.

  • Respecting our boundaries and honoring our self-care so that we may show up as the best versions of ourselves for your prenatal visits, birth transition, or postpartum visits.

Our Doulas- Lindsey Matthews and Kelli Macias

Lindsey's Doula Services

Estimated Costs: $3000-$3600

Accepting Clients with an estimated due date June 23-July 6, 2019.

If you are interested in have Lindsey as your doula, then you will need to schedule a consultation and fill out a questionnaire. This costs $79 and is non-refundable. Consults are done via ZOOM. Schedule consult via THIS LINK. Lindsey is selective as to who she takes on as a doula client.

Lindsey is CEO and founder of BIRTHFIT. She is a NLP Practitioner, Mama Glow Birth Doula, and Doctor of Chiropractic. Lindsey also has an extensive education and training background in strength and conditioning, CrossFit, Strongman, Yoga, and DNS Rehab. Lindsey is been a part of numerous pregnancies and birth experiences as well as postpartum healing and rehab journeys. You want her on your team.

Lindsey starts her work with mom (and partner) early on in pregnancy. Lindsey chooses to have three prenatal sessions with clients.

  • Week 20-28

  • Week 25-30

  • Week 30-35

In these sessions, at client’s home, Lindsey works with client to discover their values, desires, and how to utilize current practices and tools to embrace the greatest unknown- the motherhood transition. Lindsey introduces gentle, intentional breath and movement as well as mindset practices that can be practiced daily. By week 35, you will have discovered your birth preferences, designed a birth mission statement or mantra, and created your own immediate postpartum plan. With the guidance of Lindsey, the client will develop practices to cultivate a motherhood transition in which she feels support and loved.